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The OSs I use most often

February 21, 2023 — Nico Cartron

Let's have a look at the Operating Systems I'm using.


I like reading Ruben's blog: not only does he manage to write almost daily (and sometimes 2 or 3 posts a day!), but he does so on various topics, including fun ones.

He recently wrote about the OSs he uses most often, the angle being: "those are the operating systems i'm actually using, versus the ones I prefer".

I liked the approach so decided I should do the same!

So what OSs do I use most often?

Interestingly, unlike Ruben, I only use Unix/Linux and derivatives.

In order, this gives:

  • MacOS - my work laptop is a MacBook Pro
  • SailfishOS - my smartphone runs a proper Linux :)
  • FreeBSD - my desktop PC, my web and DNS servers, and OPNsense (my home router)
  • iOS - my work phone
  • Debian GNU/Linux - my mail server, my Raspberry Pis

How about a (much) older one??

Since I'm using my Amstrad CPC quite a lot recently, I'm also including CP/M+ from Digital Research.

... Even though I'm using it through virtualisation - see this article as well as this one, and you can also checkout the "Amstrad Tag" on my blog.

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