PineTime - Quick Review of InfiniTime versions 0.11.0 and 0.12.0

February 05, 2021 — Nico Cartron

InfiniTime is pretty active in this year's start, as we got 2 versions in 2 weeks!
Let's have a look at what those versions bring.

First, I forgot to mention that InfiniTime (previously known as Pinetime-JF) has now got a proper website: instead of its Github page, the new website is now located here.

Infinitime v0.11.0

Version 0.11.0 brings:

  1. Integration of the heart-rate sensor:

    The app is found on the first apps page (bottom right), and when launched, looks like this:

    It's a standalone app, so you have to launch it manually (it is not running in the background when the PineTime has booted).

    Once started, it will start measuring:

    And once measurement is done:

    The information is also displayed on the watchface:

  2. InfiniNav, a navigation app:

    It works with PureMaps on SailfishOS.
    Once you have created a route in PureMaps, you launch InfiniNav on your PineTime, and it will display information on your wrist (Direction icon, directions, distance remaining).

    See the demo video below:

    Sorry, no pictures for that one, it's curfew at that time so can't get out and it's dark anyway ;)

Infinitime v0.12.0

JF has released 0.12.0 yesterday, and while the changelog is pretty short, it's an interesting one: update of NimBLE, the PineTime Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stack.

You may remember in my article about upgrading the PineTime that I mentioned that the Bluetooth connection was wacky, which would result in firmware updates failing.
Another issue encountered was that the Bluetooth connection would drop randomly, and you would have to reboot the PineTime to have it reconnect to your phone.

Now the good news is that since I updated yesterday, the reliability of the BT connection is indeed much better, and I got almost no deconnection from Amazfish running on my Sony Xperia XA2.

So clearly, it is worth upgrading your PineTime to 0.12.0!

Another nice one: future upgrades should happen without OTA failure, since the BT connection is now much more stable!

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