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vdirsyncer and Baikal

December 06, 2023 — Nico Cartron

The Problem

As my usage of Mutt keeps growing, I wanted to be able to query my addressbook from Mutt, hence I looked at using Khard + vdirsyncer.

I knew it worked because I did it in the past, however when I tried installed vdirsyncer on my FreeBSD laptop, I got the bellow error message when trying vdirsyncer -vdebug discover:

vdirsyncer BasicAuth() tuple is required instead

The Solution

I was puzzled and tried different methods, but after spending a lot of time searching for options, I stumbled upon this Github issue from December 2022, where someone had the exact same problem as me.

And it turns out that a lot of vdirsyncer has been rewriten recently, and some features have not been reimplemented yet - which includes the digest auth I was using in Baikal.

So all I had to do to "fix" it was to swich the Baikal authentication to "Basic", and then I could successfully run vdirsyncer discover, followed by a vdirsyncer sync.

Reconfiguring CardDAV clients

I was expecting all clients to complain and ask for credentials again, but only Thunderbird did.
My calendar app on SailfishOS worked fine after the change, and so did Calendar on iOS and MacOS.

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