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Resetting your Somfy IO roller shutter

April 02, 2021 — Nico Cartron

Yet another quick article on automation.
In this one, I am describing how to reset your Somfy IO roller shutter, in my case to be able to pair it with a Velux Integra KLF-200, and control my Velux roof windows and Somfy roller shutters from Domoticz.

The problem

I want to control my Somfy roller shutters from Domoticz.

I am using the IO-homecontrol version, not the RTS one, which means that this cannot be done natively from Domoticz (RTS ones can be controlled e.g. from a RFXcom).
So I went for a Velux Integra KLF-200, which acts as a gateway to those IO-homecontrol devices: I will add them to the KLF-200, and since the KLF-200 comes with an API, I can interact with it from Domoticz. Simple, isn't it?

Well, turns out that in order to pair my Somfy IO roller shutters with the KLF-200, I first need to reset them, as once programmed, they cannot be added to the KLF-200 - and since my roller shutters have been programmed a while ago, I don't have any other option.


First, some quick explanations on the buttons we are going to use:

Above, you can see the front and back of the Somfy remote:

  • front: we'll be using the UP and DOWN arrows buttons, as well as the my button at the center
  • back: we'll be using the PROG button (highlighted with the red arrow on the picture)

Resetting the roller shutter/remote

5 easy steps:

  1. Power off the roller shutter for 3 seconds
  2. Power it on and wait 8 seconds
  3. Power it off again for 3 seconds
  4. Power it on again - the roller shutter will move up and down briefly
  5. Press on the PROG button on the back of the Somfy IO remote control (in my case a SMOOVE Origin IO), until the motor responds twice, then release.

Your remote is now unpaired from the roller shutter.

Coupling with the remote controller

  1. Press UP and DOWN on the remote until the motor responds - this "opens" the memory of the motor
  2. Press the DOWN button until the roller shutter reaches the lowest position you want
  3. Press my + UP at the same time, then release - the roller shutter goes up automatically (no need to keep pushing)
  4. Once the roller shutter reaches the top position you want, press my - it will stop.
    • You can fine tune the position by pressing UP if needs be
  5. To set this up limit, press my + DOWN at the same time - the roller shutter goes down automatically
  6. Press my button to stop it
  7. Press again my but this time a little longer, until the motor goes up and down - this saves these positions in the memory of the motor
  8. Press the PROG button on the back of the remote, until the motor goes up and down - this will "close" the memory of the remote.

And voilĂ  ! Your remote is now paired again, and you can now proceed to pair the roller shutter with the KLF-200!


Hope that helps! A few pointers/thanks:

Tags: Automation

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