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Reading your RSS feed on FreeBSD

November 05, 2023 — Nico Cartron


As explained in my article about Nextcloud News, I am reading a lot more blogs these days, and I implemented Nextcloud News on my home setup to be able to follow along across different devices.

I am already using Fuoten on my Sailfish OS phone, and Nextcloud's web interface when at home.

I wanted a way to read news on my FreeBSD laptop.

Choosing the right RSS client

I initially wanted something with a GUI, but when I tried installing RSSGuard from the FreeBSD packages, for some reason it wouldn't work.

When looking at other options, I found Newsboat, a text RSS reader, so I decided to give it a try.


I'll be honest, I reused this article from Gideon Wolfe.

Installing Newsboat is a simple as:

 pkg install newsboat

and then configure your ~/.config/newsboat/config file.

I followed both Gideon's article, and tweaked a bit my configuration using Newsboat documentation.

e.g. I wanted Newsboat to refresh when started, as well as on a regular basis, so I addedd the below to my configuration:

 auto-reload yes
 reload-time 1800

Newsboat in action

Once done, this is how Newsboat looks like:

Wrap Up

I have used Newsboat only for a few days now, but I am happy with it.
It's good to have a text-based RSS reader, and I like how easy it is to configure and use with key bindings!

Tags: IT, FreeBSD

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